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LiveitSafe is an online store launched BY GOOD STUFF CO. with a vision to bring you the highest quality and very superior personal safety product line. We take your safety seriously and have gone great lengths to insure the same.

Our vision and mission is simple

Make the most well-designed, highest efficiency, most comfortable and best manufactured reusable consumer MASKS in the market. Safety does not end with, not so boring designs. We have our design teams based out of Europe and India working relentlessly on bringing you'll a very advanced product with cutting edge international technology,  latest fashion & trendy designs.


Your safety is our only priority

Our masks protects you from Viruses, Bacterial, PM2.5, Pollution & other Harmful Toxins. No compromise. Life is One, Lets Live it Safe.

 All our masks are treated with Anti Virus treatment infused with Silver to control growth of bacteria and viruses. On contact it kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria as is a tested textile article as per AATCC100 standards. For our washable range, this coating is Effective for 50 plus washes.

 All our masks have imported super advanced innovative Multilayer NanoTech filter medium FFP2 / N95 (not from China and not melt blown). A very advanced facemask media used my world leaders of face masks. Demonstrates highest performance for curbing global pandemic, in accordance with Nelson Labs BFE test reports. Our Filters with 99.6% virus control and higher breathability & air permeability is super safe and comfortable in long hours of usage.

 All our masks are produced in accordance with CE, ISO, FDA, GMP procedure and quality standards. We not only sell in India but export in private label to world leading mask and retail brands.