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N95R DUAL Respirator Cotton Face Mask DARK Grey
Very Easy Breathing with our Advanced High Quality Respirator Valve.
Introducing our super safe, very comfortable LIVE IT SAFE X1R Knitted super soft cotton face masks. We use Advanced Nano Technology N95 FFP2 Filter medium. 
They sit very comfortably on your face and don’t tug at your ears, they are breathable and of course they are super good looking.

Made with 100% Cotton. The outer fabric is exclusively Yarn dyed cotton Knitted Jacquard fabric. The surface is treated with silver-based anti-viral infusions for 2x protection.  Our mission is to make you stay safe and stay cool.

1. Wash your hands before touching your mask

2. Make sure it covers your nose and mouth and fits comfortably around your face

3. Each Masks lasts for about 90 days on daily usage of 4 hrs. 

4. These are 3 ply masks. Two Layer of Cotton with a Nano tech filter layer.

5. This mask can be Cleaned and Reused.

6. This Mask comes with a exhale Respirator valve for easy breathing. Less heat build up and very comfortable to wear for longer duration. This exposes you less to the harsh environment or bacterial situations as you tend not to remove your mask.

Covid or asymptomatic patients should not use this mask, as you may exhale out bacteria. However if you are not a carrier, then this is the most comfortable mask for you.

7 Our Size M is most common and fit 90% of people faces. Size L for larger faces.
8. ISO/FDA/CE Certified. Highest International Quality.